Our clients hail from the film, television, media, advertising and corporate sectors. They come to us for a diverse range of services and solutions, including content production, finance and distribution.

Omnilab Media
Sales & Distribution

Omnilab Media Sales & Distribution partners with producers to finance, co-finance and executive produce feature films and television programming for Australian and global audiences.


Ambience Entertainment is the production arm of Omnilab Media. It is an award-winning feature film and television content development and production company.

Strategic partnerships and financing
for feature films and TV


Through its production arm, Ambience Entertainment, Omnilab Media Sales & Distribution has produced, financed and co-financed blockbuster movies including the espionage action-thriller KILLER ELITE; the multi-award winning and Australian box office hit TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN; the cult teen-horror flick of the 21st Century THE LOVED ONES; and the Tasmanian thriller DYING BREED.

With a focus on strategic global partnerships, the Sales & Distribution team partners with the best creative talent both locally and internationally. Omnilab Media has executive produced and co-financed the critically acclaimed Aussie musical BRAN NUE DAE; the US gothic-thriller DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT starring Brandon Routh; the Oliver Stone bio-pic W; twice-Oscar® nominated THE MESSENGER starring Woody Harrelson; and the 2008 UK smash-hit THE BANK JOB.


Feature film and television content development
and production


Ambience Entertainment is the award-winning production arm of Omnilab Media. Its feature film slate includes KILLER ELITE featuring Jason Statham, Robert DeNiro and Clive Owen, TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN directed by Stuart Beattie, THE LOVED ONES starring Xavier Samuel and TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN TV SERIES. The team are currently in development on STORM BOY and CHASING GLORY. Ambience Entertainment also produces leading children’s live action and animation television series within its television studios.  It has an extensive catalogue of some of Australia’s most watched and loved children’s television including JAYS JUNGLE, KITCHEN WHIZ, MOVE IT, WILLIAM & SPARKLES' MAGICAL TALES, SURPRISES and FLUSHED.

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Omnilab was formed in 1999 as a result of the amalgamation of VideoLab (1977) and Omnicon (1982). Since its creation, Omnilab Media's mission has been to achieve world-class creative, technical and cost effective solutions for all its clients, delivered on time. This is achieved by fusing the best creative artists, producers and technicians with state of the art facilities. 

Over the years, Omnilab Media has acquired and merged numerous media businesses in order to provide a diverse range of clients with the capability to create, produce, broadcast and deliver media and content. The business is also renowned for its financing, development and production of award-winning content from its highly acclaimed production company, Ambience Entertainment. 

Through this history and many years of expertise it has allowed Omnilab Media to develop key relationships with major practitioners both locally and internationally. 

Below is a timeline of the key milestones along this journey. 

In September 1999, Omnicon and VideoLab merged to form the Omnilab Group. 

Omnilab Group won the contract for production services and playout for the Movie Network Channels. They then built the independent playout and production service business, The Playroom. 

Omnilab Group bought Singtel, Optus's Video Operation Centre and won the outsource services of MTV, Ovation, Odyssey, Acc and Sky News. 

Ambience Entertainment joined the Omnilab Group.

Omnilab Group acquired AAV Limited's Digital Media Services Group: Digital Pictures, Iloura, Flagstaff Studio's, DP Interactive, AAV PAX, AAV New Zealand and the remaining 50% stake in Dubsat. 

Omnilab Group's sales and distribution arm was launched by co-financing the feature film, The Bank Job. Omnilab Group also acquired New Zealand post production house Oktober, a multi award-winning company for their visual effects. 

Re-branded to Omnilab Media. Spearheaded a partnership with Kennedy Miller Mitchell (the company behind Happy Feet, Babe and Mad Max) in a new Australian based digital film company, Dr D. This digital film company produced all the animation for Happy Feet 2. 

The Playroom's Digital Media HUB went live. 

Omnilab Media's cross-media asset management company, Dubsat acquired London-based Vio WorldWide. 

Deluxe Australia bought Omnilab Media's creative and media service businesses, including Iloura, Digital Pictures, Cornerpost, Flagstaff, Boffswana and PAX Entertainment. 

The Playroom ceased transmission in December. 

Adstream acquired the Dubsat business. 

Today, Omnilab Media is working with Ambience Entertainment, the production arm of the business. Together they aim to produce, finance, and co-finance award-winning feature films and television content for Australian and global audiences.