Strategic partnerships and financing
for feature films and TV


Through its production arm, Ambience Entertainment, Omnilab Media Sales & Distribution has produced, financed and co-financed blockbuster movies including the espionage action-thriller KILLER ELITE; the multi-award winning and Australian box office hit TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN; the cult teen-horror flick of the 21st Century THE LOVED ONES; and the Tasmanian thriller DYING BREED.

With a focus on strategic global partnerships, the Sales & Distribution team partners with the best creative talent both locally and internationally. Omnilab Media has executive produced and co-financed the critically acclaimed Aussie musical BRAN NUE DAE; the US gothic-thriller DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT starring Brandon Routh; the Oliver Stone bio-pic W; twice-Oscar® nominated THE MESSENGER starring Woody Harrelson; and the 2008 UK smash-hit THE BANK JOB.